Skipping Rope Hack

I was looking forward to chilling out tonight and doing a very light workout with my skipping rope, and the best of Hip-Hop 1994 playlist. I was all really to go as Big L (R.I.P) – ‘Devils Son’ blasted out the laptop but then I realised that I had left my skipping rope at the gym. Gutted… šŸ˜¦

But… Ā I found some spare washing line in the cupboard… interesting..Ā a few minutes with a few empty biro pens, some masking tape and a jar of Vaseline,Ā I had a fully functional skipping rope, just as good as the one I left at the gym.

True hacking spirit Get in! šŸ˜€


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Just a great PC demo

Love this demo. Lots of dots.

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Hiss Golden Messenger

Met this guy last nightĀ

He very kindly signed my CD

Hiss GM

Here he is playing in a shed šŸ™‚

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C64 Demo Scene is still strong

I was moving the Amiga and C64 this week andĀ couldn’tĀ resist a little peak on youtube just to see if there where any new C64 demos. Well, seems the demo scene is still strong. Booze Design, Fairlight and Offence still killing it in 2013. Can’t believe these guys are still going IĀ think some them started out somewhere around 1988. These demos are so much effort, artwork, design and sound is fantasticĀ all round. TheĀ SID chip is still pumping, I cant see it ever sounding old, Yannes created a monster there.

64k RAM SYSTEM?? 16 COLOURS? and 3 CHANNEL SOUND? Ā – Shut the front door!

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Global Game Jam 2013

Here we are the greatest jam team known to man Team 99 straight outa Belfast city and Farset labs.

You can grab our games from the GGJ13 site.

Grave consequences
Slightly less grave consequencesĀ

Farset labsĀ

Me and Ronan look on as Colin hits Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V and makes cool shit happen. The rest of the team are hard at work!

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I’ve only started watching 30 Rock

My girlfriend told me about this show and it’s fantastic, but you already knew that. Seems Ā I’m the last one to find out about it and the awesome Dr.Spaceman (Ā pronouncedĀ spa-chem-men) If you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend it.


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I win!

We fix mac delivered me a fine screen and now my iPhone is working and Blue!


Get in


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